Sunday, April 1, 2012


I would like to thank everyone for all the care and support, I have safely made it back to Charleston, IL (EIU). Please know that this project would have been a lot more difficult for me if I would have not had so many people supporting me. Every time I noticed a comment or the number of page views rise I got excited just knowing that I was able to provide someone with insight on the issue of homelessness. By no means was this project meant to put me in the spotlight but rather raise the awareness on homelessness within our on country, more specific our communities.

The Humble Homeless Project will definitely not stop here, this project started as an independent study course but has developed into a life mission for myself. Some how I will continue to try to have a positive influence on raising awareness and assisting the homeless. I just ask that you please keep a look out for the next Humble Homeless Project and continue to support because it is gratefully appreciated as well as needed.

Homelessness does not equal Heartlessness, remember they are us and we are them.