Monday, July 2, 2012

What is Next...

I have begun to look into Kentucky and Tennessee as my next locations for the Humble Homeless Project. I have not decided which city among the states yet, but for Kentucky it is between Lexington and Louisville, as for Tennessee the options are Memphis and Nashville. I look forward to continuing the Humble Homeless Project, although I have not put a time for my next voyage seeing that I will make it fit around my whatever job I am blessed to begin within the next few months, as I am on the job hunt.

I would like to add some type of campaign with my next homeless trip to have an opportunity to raise money and clothing for the homeless shelters within the state I travel to. As well as raise awareness with hopes that individuals within the state will also volunteer at their local homeless shelters.

I am still trying to gain the information and resources needed to make Humble Homeless Project into a non for profit organization.

I cannot wait until my next trip!