Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Buying and Selling Sex

There are homeless men and women that literally will have sex with one another for an exchange of $5-$10 or even a pack of cigs and bottle of liquor...WOW, your thinking right. However this seems to be normal within the homeless community around here. Men and Women both brag on some of the experiences they have had recently. Sex is a beautiful thing between two people and we all enjoy it, so why would you not think homeless individuals would stop partaking in sex just because they don't have reliable shelter, definitely not the case. Although one thing I was concerned about was their lack of use of protection or worry of STDs.


  1. This is very interesting, because I would not think they would as often as they probably due simply because I myself like privacy. However, eventually I probably would get over that if I was homeless long enough. "Sex is a beautiful thing between two people and we all enjoy it." I agree but I just wanted to point out that sex isn't actually always beautiful. Sex is complicated and diverse as anything in this world like sadness or love etc. It can be empty or shallow. It can be ugly. It can be shameful. It can be angry or about power. It can be sad, happy or yes, beautiful. I tend to only think of it as beautiful when it is an expression of love or at least genuine caring and attraction. The exchange of sex for material goods can be shallow, empty or ugly depending on the situation.