Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fresh Meat

"Fresh Meat" wait....Did this lady just call me "Fresh Meat?" In fact she did call me that, I encountered a group (5) of homeless women as I left the library walking with a known homeless man of the area. Instantly a conversation started with me being the topic. They asked me questions such as where am I from and how did I get in this situation. Then the conversation got a little raunchy, asking questions about relationships and preferences.

"Wanna have a good time, later on" is what one of the homeless women asked me, she seemed to be between 35-40 yrs old. Politely I changed the subject of the conversation without having to answer her.

I know you may be curious to whether or not the social and relationship aspect of life continues for the homeless, well it does. They are social among each other realizing that they are in the same situation and have to worry less about being judged. As far as relationships some of them do have a girlfriend/boyfriend or a wife/husband how they manage to keep the relationship successful, but one thing to know the passion is real compared to being with one another for the benefits or material things.

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