Thursday, March 29, 2012

Did he deserve it?

A homeless man we will call Carl, was kicked out of the shelter last night for 7 days. Because one of the staff members said he was giving him attitude. If a faculty/staff members decide that you have broke a rule or being disrespectful that have the power to kick you out of the shelter (usually for 7 days but can be more).

The staff member (also a Chaplain) said there has been several times Carl has been disrespectful, the only example he gave was that Carl told him, "I don't wanna hear the bull coming out your mouth." Carl continued to ask for other examples but were not given any. About 30 minutes earlier Carl had stepped out of the man giving the sermon to speak with the head of the facility to make sure he was marked down for a bed or mat. Everyone could tell that the Chaplain was highly upset, because at the beginning of his sermon he asked that everyone stayed seated. Although I can understand going to figure out if you have a bed or mat for the night as an important topic, because if Carl does not he needs to look for other alterations as soon as possible at it was 8pm at the time.

The dispute between Carl and the Chaplain took place in front of everyone, which I believe should have been done behind close doors. There has to be some type of accountability on the professionalism by all staff members, no matter your ranking. Carl asked the head of the facility to step in but he said he could not change the decision of the Chaplain. Carl calmly left without the justification he was seeking.

Throughout the entire dispute I could here others (homeless men) speaking about how wrong the situation was and blown out of proportion. As well how some staff members over use their powers.

There needs to be a better procedure put in place for kicking someone out...

-7 days...Is this too much?
-Do you feel this could have been handled better?


  1. Definitely it seems as though this person was just flexing the power that he had to prove a point.

  2. I feel as though 7 days is harsh....but this is a way to have ppl follow rules...with harsh consequences. The situation definately could have been handled in a more professional manner. The chaplain should feel terrible for this minor altercation...seeing as though he is a "chaplain"! Where's the Godliness in that.

  3. Absolutely! When individuals get in positions where they have extreme authority, they commomly abuse it. This was just another case of this.