Thursday, March 29, 2012

Take ur Meds!!!

I hear the phrase "Take your Meds!" a lot throughout the day in the shelter. There are mentally challenged men here in the shelter that I feel should be in a better facility, that will accommodate their needs better.

Before bed and right after waking up is the worst, when individuals who have not taken their meds begin to "act up." Last night when I was in the restroom there was a man that is about 60 years old talking to himself, or he could have been talking to me but I could not tell. He was saying, someone is going to die tonight, cause he don't play that mess. I was not to alarmed for my safety but was more concerned about him because he did not have that attitude an hour ago. He then left the restroom talking out loud that its gonna be a problem tonight. Obviously he has some mental disorder, but I never seen any staff member assist him with his condition, they just told him to be quiet.

This morning there was a young man sitting on the stairs, he is about 20 years old. Another homeless man walked up to him and asked how is work going, and the young man replied loudly for him to get away and leave him alone. The other man tried again to have a peaceful conversation but once again the younger man yelled out at him. The man walked away telling the young man to hurry up and take his meds.

This phrase is common in here but who knows if these men are actually taking their meds properly. The staff allows anyone to keep their medicine with them but do not oversee the use of it. I am not saying that they should not allow mentally disabled men in but there needs to be a better procedure for them. They may see it as a good thing to allow them to stay here and provide some assistance, but if they are not PROPERLY assisted they could be harmful to others around them.

I am not sure how to conclude this blog entry but I feel there needs to be more concern towards the well-being of everyone in the shelter, including those mentally disabled.


  1. You are absolutely right. There should be a better procedure put in place for these men. It should be about the well being of everyone.

  2. Thank god for people like you. For putting yourself in another man's shoes. I would have never known about these things.