Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dinner Conversation

I had a great conversation at dinner today with two other men who both were older than 50 years old. Both of these men are incredible wise, for this blog they will be known as Adam and Anthony. The conversation sparked when Anthony asked if we were staying at the shelter tonight and Adam responded that he was too late and all beds and mats are booked up. Then he began to talk about how the government does not help! He began to talk about issues the government is keen on but feels homelessness is a issue that is at the bottom of the priority list. Anthony seeming to be very familiar with the bible, said a verse that caught my attention, The Harvest is Plentiful but the Laborers Few (Luke 10:1-8). He talked about how we have enough land for everyone but not enough man power (individuals that cares) to help create housing options for those in needs. Anthony also pointed out several vacant buildings (one being next door) within the area that can be used for homeless shelters or alternate housing systems. They shared other beliefs on the issue for about 5 minutes but the conversation concluded with Anthony who said, "don't worry, live life and be grateful."

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