Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rise and Shine...Now go out and Grind!

It is mandatory wake call at 5am and now it is time to start our day. Yesterdays procedure began by us having mandatory Chapel at 7:30pm (where there was an argument between two homeless men), then showers at 8:30pm and in the bed by 9pm. The way the system flowed last nite almost seemed like we were in jail, SMH.

I got lucky yesterday as a new person here to receive a bed (#35), bunk bed style. I have to report back with this shelter no later than 4:30 if I would like my bed again, if I am late I have lost my bed for the day, possible the week.

Another homeless man offered a lot of insight for me on how to survive around here homeless. He asked me to guess his age to begin with, I said, 39 years old, but he was actually 54, I honestly would have never guessed. He has been homeless for 2 months now. He was addicted to crack at one point of his life, he did acknowledge that he still uses from time to time, but he has made all his progress with giving the drug up as daily use on his own. He said he had to, for his daughter and 4 granddaughters. He has given me directions on 'temp' services jobs as well as independent contractors that will hire you on the spot (if they want you and feel your capable of doing the job) for about $6-$7/hour straight cash only for the day. I may attempt to work some although I cannot apply for any 'temp' services due to not having birth certificate or social security card. Today he has agreed to take me around with him if I promise to teach him some basic computer skills....DEAL!

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  1. Darius I am so l proud of you. My firstborn nephew who my heart adopted as my son is a man. God bless your journey and God bless and protect you.

    Auntie Li Li