Friday, March 30, 2012

Keeping the Faith

On a daily basis you go through trials and tribulations. Some could be as minor as being late for work, getting a bad grade in a class, or losing your wallet. Major trials and tribulations could be getting wounded or hurt, losing a job, or losing a loved one. For the majority of time we are just challenged with those minor trials and tribulations but we act as if we have lost everything we dwell on it and forget that it always could be worst.

For these men in here everyday is a major trial and tribulation not knowing if there will be enough room in the shelter for them to stay here, attempting to find a job, and staying away from the negatives that have put them in this situation. Although a majority of them walk around with their head held high, refusing to believe they are not blessed. After experiencing such things these men have they know how to remain grateful for the small things.

Next time something happens in your life remember it could be worse. Remember to thank God for the blessing he has bestowed on you, rather than waiting for something wrong to happen to call on him. I have seen men in here pray more than 4 times a day, thanking him for at least putting them under the roof of a homeless shelter rather than having to sleep on the streets. They thank him for another day, knowing that the day may not be filled with the best opportunities but they realize that they could have not been blessed with this day.

For them to continue to keep the faith, is amazing, but yet its not difficult when your Blessed by the Best!

If they can do it, you can do it. KEEP THE FAITH!!!

The woman in the picture is not panhandling but actually telling her story of why she is in the situation she is in, to people that donate any spare money to her and that are willing to listen to her story.


  1. I agree, if they can be thankful for the little that they have, we should be even more grateful for the things we take for granted. I just want to let you know that your experience has been an eye opener, and beneficial to everyone. Continue to uphold the light bro

    Cpt. Qwietstorm

  2. Grateful enough to realize that God supplies all my needs. Thankful enough to give praise for His continued favor. Faithful enough to continuously trust Him! I'm just grateful for His greatfulness! I love you, I'm proud of you and I thank God for protecting you! There's no god like our God! Mom