Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Doctor's List

I do not think I have blogged much information about those that are physically disabled in some way. I have noticed 6 individuals with a cane, 1 with a crutch and a foot brace, 1 man in wheelchair, 1 with a walker, 1 with two canes as if they are crutches he has a huge leg brace and several others with just bad limps

These men obviously have a physical disability that holds them back from being able to do hard labor jobs, which could possibly be the only thing they are qualified for due to lack of education or understanding of new technology. So that make you ask the question, is that the only thing (which is a major thing) that is holding them back from 'getting back on their feet.'

Although when you do not have job, you can not afford insurance or doctor bills, when you can not afford to pay those bills you do not get the services you require, and without getting healthy you cannot return back to the job field. It is a ongoing problem, that does not have a good outlook.

There is a doctor list available at the shelter for individuals to sign up to see the doctor but usually they only take a certain number due to the time available for the doctor to be here. Also I think the doctor only comes once or twice a week. There is a possibility that you can go several weeks without seeing the doctor, unfortunately.

As a man, we belief that we are workers...hands-on workers, and for that to be taken away from you when all you feel you know is how to do a certain job is incredible disheartening. Then as a man you find yourself 'lost' in life, feeling that you are not of value, feeling that you are not a MAN.

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  1. As a special education major, I would like to point out that "disability" refers to a chronic, life-long condition, such as cerebral palsy. "Handicap" refers to a temporary condition, such as a broken leg or weakened joints due to old age. Unless you have interviewed the men you describe above and asked them about their conditions, you cannot state that they have disabilities. You may presume that they have handicaps, but you should not put a disability label on them without knowing if it is appropriate.