Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Higher Expectations

I expected for the homeless shelter to provide some sort of developmental training for the homeless individuals seeking assistance however the only thing educational being taught is religious studies there is a mandatory Chapel or Bible Study option for those staying over night. Although I do like that this shelter gives the option for individuals to leave in the morning or stick around. However if you stay at the shelter throughout the day you only have availability to the sitting room which is the size of a class room with about 50 chairs and 1 tv. There is no recreational space, but there is a fenced area outside at the side door where individuals can go smoke at.

If I'm blessed to one day own and manage a homeless shelter I would love to offer workshops throughout the day that helps develop leadership, professional skills, and personal development. Not only do I want to assist them with finding shelter and employment, but also provide them with the knowledge to maintain a positive lifestyle. Participating in this project makes me feel closer to accomplishing my dream.


  1. It's Dom. I've read all of these and I am intrigued you've decided to embark on this. I truely wish you the best. Your blogs provide great detail as to us back home the ability to live the experience with you.

  2. Darius, I am completely amazed by your decision to do this project. You are truly a courageous person. You will continue to be in my prayers throughout your mission and in your further goals. God Bless you, you have really touched my heart. Be Safe..

    Much Love,

  3. Darious, I pray god blesses you and keeps you safe in your journey . Your insight and sacrifice will one day be a blessing to others. Stay strong. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything. Your friend, Debra

  4. Im all caught up on all of your Blogs! Keep them coming... Im subscribed and it comes right to my phone as soon as u post now... I know u dont have a phone. God Bless!

  5. That sounds great laddy!! When i'm ballin out here one day i'd love to sponsor and assist! :)