Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Over capacity

These gentlemen are homeless for all types of reasons, from eviction, unemployed, mental disability, and even personal decision. It is sad to see that some of these men with disabilities have no family or supporters other than this homeless shelter; their options are so limited. Although it is easy to notice the men who are taking advantage of the system and coming to the shelter for the free food and bed, yet they have on name brand clothing and Micheal Jordan shoes SMH!!! Some individuals will not be granted a bed or mat tonight because of over capacity. Those individuals will be stuck to find alternate housing. If for some reason I am unable to stay here, I have found an abandoned construction site the location that I should be able to get adequate shelter at.

There has been two men that have reached out to assist me in my situation. They have given me insight on things such as a location where I can go that will provide me with clots from head to toe, to who are the men to stay clear of because of either attitude or theft problems.    


  1. Test Of A Man

    Mayhem The Rock

  2. Laddy!!! I think this is so great!! You rep us well lol!! Prayers go out to you on your journey :))

  3. Darius, two days in and learning so much. Praying for you and warmer weather in Indy.


  4. Just follow the light Sandz its not ur first time u have been in Darkness. Onward and Upward keep ur mouth closed but eyes and ears wide open. May God direct u the rest of the way! 1111111 9 intake fall07

  5. William Campbell ( W C )March 27, 2012 at 4:12 PM

    If you find that you run into a problem don't hasitate to give me a call. I can get you a room or a meal or transportation out of there. You are a dedicated Brother and I appreciate you and your cause.

  6. I've known you all of your life. I know a lot (not all but a lot) about you and your ways. You AMAZE me! I'm proud of you and look forward to hearing more about your journey. Greater is He that is within you! Trust God and be lead by Him! I love you. Mom